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even tho it was a bit laggy for my part, it sure was scary as hell all the way through! and also, nice tits!

good game i freaking love it  playing 9 horror games in one video

Very good game! 10/10 Quite spooky. 

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It's a decent 3/5. I got a bit scared and not that big of a fan of the monster in this one but it's still pretty good.

Anyways I also did a video on this if anyone wants to check it out I would really appreciate it :) (I'm only 13 though)

I hate you for making such a scary game! I honestly wanted this game to end😂💯but all in all, this was a good game. 10/10. Also here's my video if you want me to scream alot

Want to see more of this type of game. :)) 5/5

This was LEGEN-DARY. I am NEVER playing this game again though! Great atmosphere, great jump scares. I LOVED it all man UGS! Keep producing fire games!


Bellissimo horror. Jumpscare e tensione dietro ogni angolo. Lascio il video del gioco completo, spero che darai un occhiata. Complimenti e grazie .

One of the best free indie horror games I have ever had the pleasure of checking out. I added it to my three free horror games its the first game in the video

Welcome backl to three free horror games. Today we have a couple really good games ladies and gents from thrilling suspesful horrors to another cartoony spongebob death mystery. Come check them out and see if these games are for you

I can see you are as big of a fan of Charmed as I am judging by those spells. I’d recognize them anywhere.

scarier than i thought lol

Thank you so much for playing!!

you're welcome

After a 5 year hiatus, I'm back & ready to be afraid! Stay tuned as I have a lot planned for the future! Enjoy this Haunted House style game for yourself at the link below:

Thanks for playing!

This game is absolutely intense! The jumpscares come out of nowhere! Very well done. I also like the voice acting and sound effects. I will have part 2 up soon!

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

You're very welcome!! 

It's a bit difficult to click on the drawer
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Sorry for the complications, hopefully my next game will make up for that. 

Good game, good atmosphere , good jumpscares. I think I may need to get my heart checked after playing this game. For this game to have been released some time ago it is just as good if not better than most games being released currently. I will link my game play below if you are interested in my reaction.

Thank you for playing, I appreciate the video :)

this game is amazing and the video i made playing it i think is one of my best

Thank you for playing!

Absolutely loved this game! Check out my gameplay if you wanna laugh and potentially be scared~! xD

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it

wow! Thank you so much for commenting and making this game! It's really good! 😀

This was a really cool little game the atmosphere was nice I felt like I was in the Evil Dead movie the game got me good a few times here is a video of me playing i hope you enjoy ✌🏽🤙🏽😁 

Thanks for playing!

no problem i really enjoyed the game keep up the good work

 I got goosebumps So many times in this game but I loved it 😄

Did you use your own game engine or a 3rd party engine?  I will give it a whirl as horror games are fun. 


I use unity

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I love your game! I'd donate if I could.

I've always liked the concept of supernatural forces

Thank you

The best horror game I've played from so far!!

check out my gameplay 

Thank you for playing!!

One of my fav horror games on 

Thank you for playing!

Cool game with intense atmosphere and jumpscares galore, which I love. Nice job Uneasy Games!


Thank you, I appreciate you playing

This is an EXCELLENT simulator with authentic jumpscares! Really spooked me out... that's why I play my games in the morning lol.

Thanks for playing!!

i really loved this game and had a lot of fun. Check out my game play and other vids on my channel

Thank you so much for playing

The game felt a little underwhelming whilst some parts did give a good scare it was not as terifying as certain famous youtubers have made it out to be, certain parts of the game were also a little predictable in audio scares and jumpscares.

 The game is in no means bad it is still quite an enjoyable ,dark experience with satanic rituals and that it runs through the family bloodline, the asthetics are nice especially the dust particles in the air although the teddy bear could of maybe looked a little more weathered as it seemed newer than the surroundings ( unless that is intentional).

 Overall the game is still worth giving a play at least once , it does deliver a few good scares but it could be scarier maybe having something following you a bit more closely perhaps but not being there when you look back, maybe a few whispers in your ear too so it seems like someone is breathing down your neck and maybe even allowing the things in the rooms to harm you in someway ( or maybe make the screen go black and they appear in the screen face to face for a few seconds as they grab you ,then you explore as normal)

These reviews of course are down to the players opionion whilst others may enjoy it , it may not be for all.

Hello, thank you for playing, I'm sorry it didn't meet your expectations. I know the game is a little rough, and it was my first full development. But over the years I've learned a lot about game development, and working on a new game that will be 10 times better. I do appreciate you giving my game a chance and hope that you will come back once my new game is released.

Thank you for your reply , i will be sure to try out your new game when it comes out , i understand it is hard work to make games, it was still an enjoyable experience 😊

Hah, that was actually a bit cooler than expected.

While I do think the game tries a little too hard on its main angle by the end, as it tends to happen with these subjects, I realize that may just be my own personal tastes speaking. And with that said, I do appreciate the relentless nature of the game in always throwing a new scare at you, and managing to very organically lead the player along to avoid long moments of confusion or going the wrong way. So a very good job on that.

One minor gripe is that the notes are kinda hard to read, thanks to a mixture of a small size and an odd font type, so I would like to see that much fixed in future games. 

Either way, Grandma was a fun romp that I loved to play!

Thanks a bunch for playing

An amazingly scary game. I loved it. If you watch my video and enjoyed it please subscribe to the channel and check out my other videos.

Thank you I really appreciate it

one of the scariest games I’ve played in a long time. Please make more! 

Thank you for playing, great video

thank you it’s an awesome game! 

This game was super super scary! Great atmosphere and great build-up. Amazing for having been done by one person! I recommend you play it for yourselves!

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

Thank you for playing!

Of course! Happy to have played, I really enjoyed it, really got scared out of my pants! Lol :P

Awesome lol

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man this was hell of an experience

Thank you

This game was great and I absolutely loved it!  The developer of this game have a lot of potential

I kinda broke the game at one point. But it was still a scary experience.

What a creepy game! I had a blast playing it! 

Hello everyone,  I launched a go fund me page for anyone that is interested in our next game ( 126 Chamber St.) We want to make it as scary as possbile for you guys and extra help is always a plus, if not just check it out anyways at least thanks.

Go fund me page!

support a brother out by leaving a like and subrcibing to my channel <3
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