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Nice creepy atmosphere, good use of jumpscares. Nice job!


Thank you for playing!! Be sure to follow us on FB for updates on the new upcoming version.

You're welcome. sounds good!

by the way, I made a video of "left above" that I was going to upload in a day or so. But it seems you have removed it from, is it ok if I still put that up?

yea no problem, sorry that game isn't in development any longer due to us focusing on a new Grandma game 

I was wayyyy late to the new update, but this is still fine just as it was first out. God I love the jumpscares. Can't wait for the next one with hopefully vr!

Thank you for playing!!!

Hello guys!! Sorry that some of you couldn't purchase the game so it's free. I am away for awhile so I apologize I couldn't back to some of you. I am currently working on an all new Grandma that will become a VR horror experience. Thank you all for the support and hope to see you guys in the new horror. 

Tried to buy the game but an error keeps popping up.

Grandma is up there as one of the most scariest experiences i have played yet, played it a while back and i still think about it to this day. Beautifully made, it doesn't rely on jump scares and has seriously chilling intense moments. Highly recommend, fantastic game! 

I picked this up and played it for my Halloween 7 days of horror special a while back, and I am still mentally scarred :D

joined the train of this game (but like the butt of the train b/c i'm very late :0) i can say i was shook about 97% of the time

Thanks for playing, cool video 

sorry for the late reply, thank you :0

This game is really cool, definetly worth the play. 

Thank you for playing, its really crazy that people still play the old verison, I dont even own that one anymore lol

Shitted me and me Pants. ..the whole time.

Lot of Jumpscares but not cheap. Really not bad Dudes!

Made a Video too:

Loved it! It was simply amazing! Really brought back those "back in the days indie horror game"-feelings and those are just the best! Great scares, great atmosphere. Recommends to everyone who likes horror game to try this one out.

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Ayooooooo Rexiipoo here!
Send yo boy some horror games, because I been killing the game! Check out my channel if your into the horror games.

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This game has plenty of jumpscares so prepare to lube up.

great video thank you for this!! 

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Thank you, the game was AWESOME! I loved the jumpscares. If you have anymore games, I would definetly love to play some more. 
SIncerly, Rexiipoo

Hello everyone !

I've also played and recorded this game and i enjoyed it.
It actually got me a couple times haha .

Please enjoy and let me know what you think :D 

This game was a lot of fun to play. I did find a few lighting bugs, but there were no other problems. I hope you continue making games for us!

Thanks to everyone that's played Grandma. I know some of you were hoping to see an extension on Grandma but unfortunately there are no plans for it right now. I am working on a new concept for a horror game, again thanks for your support. 

Супер!!! Обосрался от страха!!! Обзор тут:

I like the premise of the game and I wanted to test myself and see if I could get jumpscared, you got me a couple of times, but I found the game more funny than scary. It's still a great experience and I hope to try an improved version of this game. Keep up the good work!

Great game epic scares loved every minute of it.

This game is pretty tight, it is funny and scary and the graphics are kinda horror sick. I hope the person who made this game makes a longer game!

The only con to this game is it ends..

This game really does scare the hell out of you! I loved plaything through  this game, the atmosphere was built up so well and the jumpscares got me every time! Great job!

Thank you for playing, really enjoyed the video

The jumpscares were absolutely TERRIFYING

For what it was, I liked this! The story completely confused me, but the gameplay was engaging and entertaining throughout for a small indie project, pat yourself on the back! Hope you like the Lumps Play, cheers!

Lumps Plays have POP-UP COMMENTARY. You love it.

3D TV VR box Google Cardboard video Side by Side SBS GRANDMA


amazing!!! Thank you for this!

hello everyone, I've notice a lot of players having an issue with the price so now the game will be free for everyone. I hope you guys enjoy the game, keep in mind this is just a jumpscare game and will become a VR experience in the future. 

Grandma follows in the great tradition of scaring you silly with jumpscares. The story of two sisters who have been abused by their satanic grandma is intriguing and pulls you in. The game lacks polish in the animation department, but has a great atmosphere and some well implemented scares. I enjoyed my visit to Grandmas... even if it was short lived. I feel this could be expanded into a great game with some more time in the oven. Worth playing (around 25 mins long).

thank you for playing, I appreciate your video. The game currently at a stand still but once we get our hands on a rift the game will be in VR in the near future.

Since you deleted my comment, I'd like to clarify about what I said in my video. I criticized the game, because of its broken and incomprehensible story. I think it could be better, so I pointed out the flaws I happened to notice. For a game that cost me money, I feel as though I have more say in what I wanted. 

I'd like to post this video again, so you can take a look at it without taking offense. 

I meant no shame with what I said, and had a good time playing it. However, I simply can't say that the game is overall "good", or sing its praises. I'm saying all of this as constructive criticism, so that the next time you make a game, you can do it better. I hope this clarifies things, and that you are able to see past my words, and understand their meaning.

The game has been updated and your playing the older version. Not sure why, the new update has been out for over a week now.

*Rurr* I gave the game a try, my critiques, positives and negatives, overall review and commentary can be found within, part 2 will be shown tomorrow  :P Hope everyone likes.

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Hello fans, I'm pleased to announce a new Grandma update 

I see a lot of great changes/updates from the early release version, the environment is a lot more animated. I look forward to seeing your next project.

Thank you for playing, I appreciate your video

First off, these jumpscares blew me into ANOTHER DIMENSION. Like, how much do you get off on scaring ppl this much? WE CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH! That being said, i loved the atmosphere this game portrays; the creepiness factor crawls up on you in the darkest of places and sticks with you until you lose yourself! Very dark. The reversed tapes could be MUCH creepier if different messages were created, as the current ones were very generic sounding for a 'satanic/demon'-driven game such as this. Nonetheless, I had a fantastic time, and definitely will be on the lookout for future projects! Thanks for taking the time to create this beast!


Thanks for playing, be sure to check out the final release!!! More scares, much more polished

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The official game is finally released!! This will feature new scares and a random level feature, so when you play the second time, you will experience new scares.

hi :) what a great scary game. this is so amazing :) i love it so much. big big thx and greetings from germany and 5/5 ;)

Thank you for playing!!

:) great game

Grandma is very nice indie horror game! I realy enjoy it and  it was very funny to play it. You have to try it. I rate it 10 out of 10 !

Thank you for playing!! I appreciate the kind words.

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, I played the game(demo) and i gotta say it is a pretty good game. The ending of the demo version was quite meh but i am not sure if i was bugged or not. So here is my gameplay i hope you will enjoy it!


Uneasy Games is excited to announce the last update for Grandma. This will complete the game and would like to thank everyone for playing and making great videos. The new update will become available Monday evening.

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ATTENTION FANS!!! The random jumpscare feature is on the way!!! This feature is  brand new to the game Grandma and will give the player a different experience everytime. 

Hey there, I just bought this game about an hour and a half ago, and since then have been trying to get it to work. First, it says the version I can download was created 4 days ago.  When I download it, I get a .rar file. I then extract this file to a folder, and in that folder I have : Thank you>Thank you> and then "Gsoundtrack", "desktop.ani", "Logo.jpg", and "Thank You!!!.txt". "Gsoundtrack" Just has some audio files and a picture. There's not an exe file anywhere....I tried zipping the entire folder as well. Can somebody please help?

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hi the game is free, you just downloaded the donate file. 

Oh my god, I might actually be an idiot. Haha, I thought the game was free, but when I had gotten it, and was recording it for my YouTube channel, I got stuck at a certain part, and the game wouldn't continue. When I looked it up, everyone seemed to have a different version than me. The intro screen was way different, and the room I got stuck in was different from anyone else's as well. I figured that I had an early release or demo, or something like that. So then, when I checked the website, I saw the field that read "In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.99 USD. You will get access to the following files". Under that is of course where it says download demo. I figured I had downloaded a demo before and in order to get the full version, I needed to pay for it. I realize that message is probably a default message, which would normally apply to the game, but in this case applied to your donations. But hey, i'm not complaining. Your game is great and i'm glad I contributed, even if it was out of just being a fool. I'll go back to the game and figure out what I did wrong in that room (it was the one with the two crosses in it, along with a table and candles, if that narrows anything down). Anyway, keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what else you come out with!

P.S. If you need a male voice actor, feel free to let me know. I have naturally a strong authoritative voice, but also have a wide vocal range and I can do a lot of impressions. I've been in a few games by Junkyard Animations ( which by the way, if you google them, be warned, their games are quite....vulgar ).  Game Grumps played one of their games, I ended up playing that game on my channel as well, and that's how they discovered me. If you're interested i'd be happy to work with you and hopefully help your games flourish!

Hi, lol no worries, yea it's a default message that I can't take off or I would so it wouldn't confuse people. I do appreciate your donation, every bit helps. Also if you get stuck in a room just move around, triggers are placed through out the game. The newer version is a lot better and I apologize for the confusion with the game. I've been updating the game quite often, like every week so I apologize you didn't play the right one. I will be finalizing the game Monday with a new update hopefully it'll be the last update. I will be adding a brand new feature to the game which allows the player to play a second time with a different experience, so it'll be randomized. I will be improving the rooms which you wont have to spend to much time figuring out how to get out. Also I will keep you in mind for a voice actor, I'm currently writing a script for a new game after I finish up with Grandma. Thanks again for your patience and I hope you have fun with the game.

Yeah I figured it was a default message, oh well. And yeah I suppose i'll try moving around more and hitting a trigger, last time I had just assumed that something was wrong with my version of the game. But no need to apologize, none of it was your fault, other than the problems I ran into I really enjoy the game and encourage you to make more! It's getting pretty popular too with so many people playing it, so congrats. I can't wait for the final update! I'll just download that and do my let's play then.  And yeah, i'd love to provide some voice clips. If you're curious as to what I sound like, you can visit my channel here : and really just check out any of my videos. I've made a few really bad animations, that I voiced every single character in and the voices are completely unedited (other than satan in the first episode). You can check out one of those vids here if you'd like :

The best example would probably be the third animation, as that has the largest variety of characters. But keep in mind these were made a while ago, when I had worse equipment, and although they were made under a year ago, I've gotten tremendously better at voice acting since then. (These were also mainly just improved lines and things like that so not too much practicing went on). Anyway, keep up the great work, and even If we don't end up working together, I wish you the best of luck with your games and cannot wait to see what you come out with next!

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